John W. Bailie, Ph.D.

IIRP President John Bailie, Ph.D., has initiated major research on restorative practices into the U.S. national agenda for school climate. He has also been influential in making implementation of the practices sustainable. Prior to becoming IIRP President, John directed the IIRP’s Continuing Education programs in the U.S. and abroad. With the IIRP’s SaferSanerSchools program, he brought restorative practices to hundreds of schools, including those in at-risk areas of New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

John is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and has written numerous journal, magazine, newspaper and web-based articles and made many media appearances relating to restorative practices, education and criminal justice. His work also includes that with juvenile probation and children and youth agencies, as well as faith communities. He is an experienced restorative conference facilitator in adult and juvenile cases, including those involving felony-level offenses.

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