Dr. Gaston de Mézerville

Gaston de Mézerville has a Ph.D. in Psychological Counseling for Rehabilitation from Michigan State University. He is a Professor of the University of Costa Rica, with outstanding performance as director of the Master’s Program in Wholesome Rehabilitation. He has published books in Spanish and Portuguese throughout Latin America and in Spain.

As a university teacher for over 30 years, he has taught several generations of counselors, special educators, gerontologists and rehab specialists. He has also worked with religious groups, including Catholic seminarians, novices, priests, religious orders and bishops. For over 25 years, he has founded and lead the project for “Groups of Life” to build community within Catholic seminaries and other religious communities. As a lecturer, he has delivered over 130 one-week seminars in more than 20 countries all over the American continents.

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