Fraternal Group Dynamics and Restorative Practices (Spanish)

In this session, participants will become familiarized with the four basic areas of life that can be shared in group environments, including family, work, church, neighborhood, etc. These are: life of faith and values, relational social life, day-to-day activities and service projects. In “Groups of Life” conducted in Catholic Seminaries and other Church settings, these four areas are labeled under the acronym ORAS (Spanish for Prayer, Relations, Activities and Service). Through personal reflection, participants will analyze the importance of keeping certain basic commitments, such as confidentiality, openness and solidarity, to guarantee a deeper group experience. Finally, we will review, from the participants’ experience, three dimensions that promote perseverance and cohesion within the groups: the spiritual dimension, the relational dimension and the recreational dimension. All of the above will be considered in light of the experience of Groups of Life, a 25-year long project that has incorporated restorative practices for the past four years. Groups of Life use restorative circles to strengthen commitments for confidentiality, openness and solidarity and empower groups with tools to face conflict situations when they arise.

Faith Communities Family & Community Spanish Teach (100 min)
Location: Tobosi Date: June 6, 2016 Time: 1:40 pm - 3:20 pm Dr. Gaston de Mézerville Claire de Mézerville, M.Ed.